Divorce, Separation Not Always Bad for Your Children

Photo: Siblings walking, holding hands by Annie Spratt

Most parents shudder at the prospect of splitting up their intact family and having to co-parent from separate homes. Children who are the product of divorce may have a tough time adjusting to the breakup of their family unit. Unfortunately, many people fail to consider the potential damage that can be inflicted on children who remain in a home in which their parents are unhappy and possibly abusive towards one another. Let’s take a look at the positive side of divorce or separation as it relates to the overall wellbeing of your children.

When You Do More Harm Than Good

Couples commonly remain together for the sake of their children. Driven by the fear of harm that a break-up may cause, many parents simply choose to forego their own feelings for what they believe is in the best interests of their children. While this approach may work, you might instead be causing just as much harm, if not more harm, to your children. While it is undeniable that children do best in close, positive families with two parents who love them and each other, sometimes that is just not possible or practical.

People tend to underestimate the resiliency of kids. Although the divorce might cause your children to experience some short-term setbacks, most will rebound after a few years. As long as there is one parent who is committed to the best interests and welfare of the children, it is common for those children to become well-functioning adults.

Tips for a Healthy Divorce, Separation

Unfortunately, you are most likely not going to be able to prevent all the potential negative effects that divorce can bring about. But what you can do is lessen those effects by engaging in a healthy dialogue and approach towards your separation. Children of parents who show respect and civility towards one another throughout the separation process will most likely fare better. Maintaining the best interests of your children as your number one priority will best serve the development of your children. It will go miles towards a peaceful and amicable separation or divorce.

Oklahoma Family Law Attorneys

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