Why I Charge for A Consultation

You should expect the following when you pay my consultation fee:

  • I will use my fifteen plus years of family law experience to listen to you, and review the facts of your matter;
  • I will review existing orders, agreements, and other relevant factors in your case;
  • I will explain your legal rights to you based on your situation and the facts you provide me;
  • I will lay out your legal option(s) and the potential outcomes of each option.

When you leave our consultation, you will feel very educated, empowered, and aware of the possible next step(s).

You should not expect the following when you pay my consultation fee:

  • A pressured sales session. Your consultation will be informative and if you feel comfortable with me and our conversation, you choose whether to retain me. After our consultation, you should feel like I answered your questions, and you understand the options available to you.

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