Parental Rights and Child Support

We have finally started our own Youtube channel and the plan is to work towards being able to post a video every day. We came up with a fabulous idea that will work out great because we already have so much content.

We connected with a lead generator, a company that funnels potential client leads to the firm, over two years ago called Unbundled Attorney. From July of 2016 until now, every day we receive leads of people reaching out for an attorney in either Family Law or Wills and Trusts or Probate work. Believe me, we have over thousands of leads that have come through since beginning the relationship with Unbundled. So, we decided to use the leads, without identifying information, that have come through and the issues and questions the people are asking about and do short videos answering their questions. We posted our first one yesterday!

The first one we posted was about an individual wanting to terminate his parental rights so he wouldn’t have to pay child support anymore. Let’s break that question down some. First off, in Oklahoma there are only two actions where a parent can, or will, have their parental rights terminated; either through a deprived case, which is when the State and the Department of Human Services has removed your children because the parents are being charged with some type of deprivation towards their children or two, through an adoption action. We get many people who reach out to us asking if we can help them terminate either their rights or the rights of the other parent for one reason or another through a family law action and unfortunately that is not possible in the state of Oklahoma.

If a parent truly wants to have their rights terminated and not pay child support any more for that child the only way that entire situation can play itself out is if someone is waiting in the wings to adopt your child. If through a deprived action the parent’s rights are terminated, they are still on the hook for child support unless or until someone adopts that child. If the parent’s rights are terminated and the child is never adopted, and child support was ordered, then that parent is still going to pay child support throughout the life of the child until he turns 18 even though he has no parental rights to said child. Once a child is adopted, whether it is through a deprived case or a private action, any child support ordered will cease and the adoptive parents are then totally responsible for supporting the child.

I’m thrilled we are going to be able to reach even more people through the internet, Youtube and all the other social media platforms with easy to understand legal advice and answers to every day questions.