When the Universe affirms your plans!

It’s December 2018 and what are we doing that a lot of people are doing this month? Well, besides the usual gift buying and holiday decorating? You got it, planning out their goals for the next year! Of course that was the next logical step in this thought process!

Last week, the Billing Manager, Office Manager and I sat down several times putting together our plans for our “end of year/looking ahead” meeting we were going to have on Friday. One big focus of the firm this coming year is to be more involved in the community in different ways. We are so serious about this that we have put together a committee, that’s when you know its on like donkey kong, to organize our community involvement.

This past weekend the office had the opportunity to be involved in a Diversity fair, focused on the transgender community. We really didn’t have any idea as to what our role would be in this but we agreed to appear and do whatever was needed. I’ve talked at several events and been on several panels so I knew that we could handle just about anything. Well, it was such a huge success in so many ways, I came away super inspired and excited for several reasons.

  1. Just being there as a resource for the community was humbling and inspiring all at the same time.
  2. The amount of people who came through the fair to get information and connect with the different vendors was incredible. We brought what business cards we had on us and quickly ran out! Luckily one of our attorneys was out and about after church and she ran by the office, grabbed my box of cards and brought them to us. Next time we will know to be much more prepared!
  3. The opportunities for networking with the other vendors was priceless. They had no idea about our firm and what we have to offer and we also obtained their information to add to our list of resources in the community for our clients.

Our goal is to have several opportunities for volunteering in the community and mixing in a variety of things to do. Attending and being a part of events like the one we did this weekend will definitely be on the agenda, especially after seeing how effective this event was both in reaching out to the community, and letting them know there is a law firm out there who does things differently.