Julia is the Finance Manager of Naidu Law and has been with the firm since 2011. All prospective clients speak with Julia once they finish a consultation with one of Naidu Law‘s attorneys. If a client chooses to hire the firm, Julia sets up payment arrangements and initial client files. Her ability to be creative with payment plans enables clients to affordably gain access to the legal justice system. Julia oversees the Billing Department and makes sure invoices are accurate and understandable before they are shared with clients. Julia excels at organizing, macro-level thinking, and problem-solving and her attention to detail ensures accurate billing for clients. Julia is driven and committed to Naidu Law‘s vision of providing affordable access to quality legal representation.

When asked what she enjoys about Naidu Law versus other places she has worked, Julia states, “I enjoy serving our clients every day and knowing we are helping them get to a better place in their lives. I also enjoy the atmosphere we have created at Naidu Law and hope that, as we continue to grow over the next few years, we are able to keep enhancing the environment we have fostered. Our firm is welcoming, nonjudgmental, and accepting and is an enjoyable place to work. I am looking forward to seeing where we are five to ten years from now.”

In her free time, Julia loves spending time with her three Siberian Huskies, Genesis, Winter, and Reign. She is in love with Game of Thrones or anything fantasy-related. Julia also enjoys creative endeavors such as jewelry-making and baking.