Myra Beasley

Myra Beasley has served as the legal receptionist with Naidu Law for a little over a year now. Her greatest passion is assisting people with direction and problem-solving knowledge daily. In doing so, this allows Myra to be the first to greet you when you come to our office.

Collectively, Myra has over twenty years of customer service experience in the field of law and education. This entails answering all servicing questions, building client files, and sending you in the right direction for all inquiries. As the official gatekeeper, Myra ensures that she takes care of our clients with dignity and pride.

In her free time, Myra enjoys singing, acting, and cheering for our Oklahoma City Thunder team. She challenges herself daily to work hard and be kind to people. So, if you need a smile, come to our office and get one from Myra! She looks forward to assisting you with your needs.

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