Spousal Maintenance / Alimony

A divorce can be financially devastating. If you’ve taken time away from the workforce to raise children, it can be a challenge to find employment. In situations where there is a financial disparity between two divorcing spouses, one spouse may be required to pay spousal maintenance or alimony to the other spouse.

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Alimony is sometimes referred to as spousal support. Alimony is a regular payment that one spouse makes to the other to provide financial support. Spousal maintenance is a type of alimony that is temporarily paid while a couple is in the process of divorce.

A judge can order one spouse to pay alimony to the other spouse. Alimony can be a lump-sum payment, or it can be ongoing payments over time.


In Oklahoma, there is no set formula for calculating alimony. Alimony is calculated by the court and is based on each couple’s financial situation. A judge will consider:

  • Each spouse’s income
  • Each spouse’s assets
  • Each spouse’s ability to earn an income
  • How long the couple has been married
  • Each spouse’s contributions to the marriage

After reviewing the situation, the court will make a decision regarding alimony. Our divorce lawyers in OKC will do everything we can to ensure you get the maximum payments you are entitled to. If you are the spouse who may have to pay alimony, we’ll work to ensure your payments are not burdensome and that the decision regarding alimony is made fairly.


In most cases, alimony is paid until the death of the spouse receiving payments or until that spouse remarries. A spouse can file a motion to continue receiving alimony payments after a remarriage, but that spouse would need to prove that the alimony payments are still needed.

Either spouse can request a change to the alimony payments at any time. The spouse requesting the change has to be able to prove that there has been a significant change in circumstances, though. If the spouse receiving alimony gets a job, for example, the spouse paying alimony may request for payments to be lowered.


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